CAF Summer Seminar Series with Osawa Shihan - Calgary Jun 25th & 26th

Posted on by Sensei Steve Erickson


Hayato Osawa Shihan, the eighth dan technical director of the Canadian Aikido Federation, came from Hombu Dojo in Japan to teach a seminar at BigRock Aikikai on June 25th and 26th.  More than eighty Aikido practitioners from across Canada and the United States came to participate in the seminar and learn from Osawa Sensei, making this our dojo’s largest, most important event since the pandemic lockdowns.  After an hour-long warm up session led by Scott Macphail Sensei, Osawa Sensei taught a phenomenal two hour class.  He provided participants with crucial knowledge and teachings on how to improve their aikido, including guidance on extension, weight shifting, posture, and so much more.  Sensei then led another class after the lunch break, followed by over an hour of black belt testing.  Wing Pak from Ontario tested for the rank of Shodan, BigRock Aikikai’s Nazar Sulaimanbekov and Nigel Tom tested for Nidan, and Martin Moreau from British Columbia tested for Yondan.  All candidates passed with great success! Later that day, a banquet was held at Moxie’s Grill and Bar to celebrate the seminar and a valuable first day of training.  To begin June 26th’s events, Steve Erickson Sensei held a warm up session early in the morning, followed by Osawa Sensei’s final two hour class.  From teaching new, intricate techniques to the students, to improving the Aikido basics, such as pinning, throwing, or even simply one’s stance, Osawa Sensei inspired and enlightened every participant who attended the incredible weekend event.  BigRock Aikikai is very grateful to Osawa Shihan for coming out to Calgary for the June seminar and will keep his special teachings with us throughout all the training sessions to come.