Ferocious & Female

Aikido Girls Rule!

BigRock Aikikai is committed to empowering women through Aikido. We wish to recognise the accomplishments of the females in our dojo and encourage them as they work to become outstanding role models for the community. For this reason, BigRock Aikikai created Ferocious & Female, an initiative aimed at empowering women and girls in aikido. Many organisations, like our dojo, want to see women for who they are instead of just as stereotypes. Our dojo wishes to raise as much awareness as we can about this. The goal of the program is to support as many girls as possible in their journey toward equality in our society by showcasing strong female leaders and role models who may serve as an example to all young women in the aikido community.  

There are three focuses that the Ferocious and Female initiate highlights: local, national, and international. Our current local spotlight features Natalie Vakulin, a senior black belt student at BigRock Aikikai who has shown kindness, dedication, patience, and tremendous determination in everything she does. The most senior female aikidoka in the Canadian Aikido Federation at 7th Dan is Yumi Nakamura Sensei; whose interview is available on our website. Our current national focus is Hilary Dawson Sensei, a 6th Dan black belt, whose exciting interview is soon to be released. Last but not least, Jamie Zimron Sensei, a 6th Dan black belt with a great desire to assist as many people as she can through her exceptional lectures and training courses, was our worldwide emphasis. 

Since Ferocious and Female started, we have been implementing various elements including a T-Shirt, crest, sticker, and overnight camp! BigRock Aikikai is very excited to continue this initiative and showcase awe-inspiring females. We want more female black belts, more women running their own dojos, and more girls aspiring to be leaders in the Aikido community! 

'True victory does not come from defeating an enemy, true victory comes from giving love and changing an enemy's heart,' -Morihei Ueshiba